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Some selected accolades.


30-year-old Holly Woodruff of Escondido, Calif. has a YouTube channel, TheHollycopter, which often features her collection of 1,100 squishies. A 49-minute video of Ms. Woodruff’s hands squeezing-and-releasing more than 700 squishies one-by-one has been watched 3.1 million times. Most fans—some of them adults—watch the videos to relax, Ms. Woodruff says.

- Wall Street Journal November 14, 2018

As the creative team lead and current manager of Creative Services at RMG, I had the pleasure of working with Holly for almost three years. During that time Holly not only excelled in her ability to deliver great designs for clients, she became the lead designer for client demos and select special projects. She was also able to switch between collaborative and independent work environments effortlessly, allowing me to have her work on a multitude of projects with no worries about whether the job was going to be completed. With her design abilities, dedication to her craft and work ethic, I would have no reservations in recommending Holly for any design position.

- Justin McGrath, Senior Creative Manager at Lexipol


Ridiculously efficient’ is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Holly. When Holly was hired on as a Junior Designer, we were lucky enough to get more than what the position required from her. We needed someone who was a fast learner, creative thinker and could get work out the door. We were amazed how fast she picked up the new software and just as quickly moved into a Senior role. Holly was always willing to learn and never afraid of a challenge. She is a huge asset to any team, because of her creativity and efficiency. Her attitude was always positive and willing to try innovative measures to meet the clients standards. Hopefully one day I can work with Holly again, she was a team member you trusted with any project. Everyone understands having that level of faith with a colleagues is priceless. 

 - Montanna Oliverez, Digital Content Advisor at ExxonMobil

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